Online Platform for International Painting-from-Photo Deals

An online platform launched to bring together artists and customers from all over the world and offer them an easy way to find each other and strike deals on custom hand painting from photos.
Customers can upload a photo they want to be turned into a professional painting, specify their requirements and preferences, and wait for artists to bid on the job. Once bids come in, the customer may look through them and choose an artist to work with. Completed work can be previewed before getting shipped and modifications may be requested when necessary. Photos do not have to be portraits only. Customers may request paintings of their favorite natural scenery, cityscape, scenes from sports competitions, family gatherings or anything else that might be in a photo.
Artists can upload samples of their work into an online portfolio, describe their techniques, style and the type of paintings they like to work on. They can then browse through orders and select the ones they would like to bid on. Drawberry offers a private messaging system that allows artists and customers to communicate while work on the painting is being done, which helps them clarify various questions that may arise and get a final result that satisfies customer expectations.

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