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India's first tech deals website!

We are India’s first coupons and deal website site exclusively launched for electronics and technology products. We have affiliate partnerships with top online stores in India which allows us to offer tech deals from all online shops in India as well as international stores. We have specific category for mobiles, laptops, computer accessories, appliances, automobile electronics, gaming, web hosting, and a wide range of other products and services from the world of technology. This makes us India’s first and only exclusive deal site for electronics.

Why we launched :

"Every time we search for a specific tech deal or a coupon on the internet, what we mostly get is some site or result which is not even remotely related to what we actually want. Most of the other coupon and deal sites in India showcase generic category coupons and deals which makes it rather difficult to segregate and browse what we actually need. Thus, we felt the need for a tech specific deal site. And this is how we came into existence, India’s first and only exclusive deal site for electronics and technology."

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