Get a live feed of what everyone’s doing around you.

Evntr is the location-based social app that aims to rethink the way people organize events. Founded in late 2014 by Khuram Javed and Mike Fisher, what makes the Evntr app unique is the live feed feature which allows users to see everything that’s going on around them.

With Evntr, users can create public, public-approved or private events. This gives people the flexibility to interact with other people without compromising their privacy. Users also have the ability to follow and be followed by other users, similar to other social media apps.

Completely user curated, Evntr allows users to create, find and share local events in real-time. With a distance range of up to 30 miles, events are always nearby and relevant. One button opens one platform that anyone can use in any area regardless of whether or not a person has connections to that area. Open Evntr, find an event, go live your life.

We’ve only had a small seed funding from family members, raising less than 50k. However, in 5 months we designed, built, and brought the product to market. We will be open to funding in the near future.

Evntr App is now available for free on the App Store for IOS.

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