Fumbi Network

Fumbi Network
Fumbi Network

World's first smart and safe investing in cryptocurrencies

Fumbi was created as a response to the vast potential of the cryptocurrency market but also to its risks and growing complexity. We are the first to bring a reliable and legally sound solution for investing in cryptocurrencies for everybody.

Fumbi offers a dynamic portfolio of cryptocurrencies that is built to track the value of the whole crypto market. This comes with ease of investment via bank transfer, unbeatable security of offline generated wallets and safe legal framework of the European law.

Fumbi is not an ETF. Their clients are direct owners of the acquired cryptocurrencies. The process that recalculates and updates the portfolio of all clients is called the „Fumbi Algorithm“. It relies on sharing economy rather than a fund structure.

All cryptocurrencies are stored on offline generated paper wallets, which virtually eliminates the possibility of hacker attacks. Access to these wallets is secured on an institutional basis, so it does not depend on a particular person.

Fumbi currently has more than 800 registrations and average investment around 1300€. Becoming a Fumbi member is an easy and quick process.

Location: Bratislava, Slovakia

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