GimmeAnother Mobile App

GimmeAnother Mobile App
GimmeAnother Mobile App

Perfect product re-order

We created an app (iOS and Android -- available now) that takes all the friction out of the product re-order experience at over 10,000 stores. Instead of a clunky mobile checkout process that takes minutes, you can place a re-order in 10 seconds with GimmeAnother.

Fully compatible with Amazon, Target, Staples, Best Buy, and other major retailers, as well as small/local stores.

I use it to order Keurig k-cups, Huggies diapers, notebooks, shaving cream, ink cartridges, pens, Brita refills, address labels, garbage bags, and the list goes on.

How It Works:
1) Download the app from the App Store or Google Play
2) Login and add a product (or ten). You can add anything you want to your list.
3) We give you $5 off your first order, no strings. If you order something that costs less than 5 bucks, it's free.

Mentioned in Forbes, Wired, Crain's, Bootstrapping in America and on NBC's Chicago affiliate.

Try it and believe.


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