Automate & Optimise AWS With Your Own Flexible Rules Engine

Take complete control over your AWS cloud with GorillaStack's advanced rules engine. A robust and flexible solution that allows DevOps and Dev to compose rules that fully leverage the elasticity of Amazon Web Services.

Execute triggers for your environment based on schedules, state changes, CloudTrail, CloudWatch and many other inputs. Make dynamic changes to infrastructure such as EC2, EBS, IAM Policies, DynamoDB, Auto Scaling Groups, Spot and many other services as well as rightsizing, invoking lambda functions, run commands and pushing through APIs.

You can use these rules to secure your environment by enforcing security policies. You can also use these rules to maximise elasticity, ensuring that infrastructure is only provisioned in times of necessity - resulting in improved efficiency and cost optimisation. You have the ability to kick off sequences of dependent functions inside your cloud environment. GorillaStack gives you awesome power to manage your AWS environment.

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