Simplify your everyday work with colors using Hexee

Hexee aims at being the definitive application for designers and artists to create beautiful color schemes.
It is a full-featured color scheme editor and a collection of advanced color tools.

Some of the things you can do with Hexee include:

- Creating, editing, naming and organizing your color schemes.
- Fine-tuning the colors in multiple color spaces and giving them names (or let the app suggest a name for you).
- Generating color harmonies, shades, tints, and variations.
- Mixing colors in different color spaces.
- Extracting colors from images.
- Testing colors for accessibility issues (contrast ratio, lightness, color blindness…).
- Designing color schemes for infographics, maps, and presentations easily.
- Importing colors from other applications and exporting them to many formats, like text, file, and images.
- … And more!

Hexee is available on macOS, Windows, and Linux.

Location: Dublin, Ireland

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