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ICU Designs
ICU Designs

Phone case with mirror and two light diffusers for seeing yourself in any lighting situations.

The beauty of this product is you can use this mirror in any lighting situation. With the two-toned diffuser, you can set the lighting to your comfort level using the built-in light from your cell phone. The translucent and opaque diffuser mechanism is ideal for both day and night needs. This diffuser mechanism prevents it from being intrusive to others around you while using the light feature from your phone in low-light settings. It can also be used to take great selfies in low-light settings.
This item was created out of a need. How many situations have you been in where you needed a mirror but there was no mirror to be found? You’re sitting waiting at an interview, going into a meeting, you need a quick touch-up before that date, and you have that nagging feeling you get when you have something in your eye or teeth - this cell phone case is for you. You can find us on our website and we are launching our Indiegogo campaign on June 28th.

Location: Los Angeles, United States

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