Connecting top software companies with the top 5% of freelance developers in the world.

Insourcely was founded by Andrew Gazdecki in 2015 after experiencing frustrations with current outsourcing platforms like oDesk and eLance. Inspiration derived from the need to create a faster, easier, and higher quality solution to creating and managing virtual development teams gave rise to Insourcely.

1. We Only Accept High Quality Developers
Out of every 100 developers that apply to Insourcely only 5 of them are accepted. Our network contains high quality engineers looking for full time outsourced work.

2. We Can Help You Build An Outsourced Team Fast
Need to hire 5 developers that know PHP and Ruby in a week? We can help you find the talent you need faster, easier, and more affordably.

3. We Help You Manage Your Outsourced Team
Insourcely tracks developer work time by GITHUB and JIRA integrations rather than simple time tracking tools that can be easily gamed. In addition to this, when developers push code it runs through an automated code review system.

4. We Have a $2000 Guarantee
Not happy with the developers working with you on Insourcely? We will happily refund up to $2000 in work hours free of charge to avoid any risk.

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