Interview Breeze

Interview Breeze
Interview Breeze

We make learning computer science simple.

Interview Breeze is developing a suite of studying tools to help developers ace their computer science interview.

One of the most common pitfalls during a developer interview is a candidate not knowing the answer to a technical question, specifically computer science or algorithmic questions. Interview Breeze walks you step by step how to solve the most common computer science interview questions, so you won't be tripped up next time. Unlike computer science text books, which can be heavy on theory and light on application, Interview Breeze focuses on explaining how to efficiently solve developer interview questions. We teach you how to identify the type of problem you are trying to solve, and then give you practical tools and models that you can apply to them. Interview Breeze doesn't focus on gimmicks either. When you learn to solve one of the questions in Interview Breeze, you will be able to apply those learnings to hundreds of similar problems.

Whether you are interviewing for your first job, or are a veteran just looking to quickly brush up on old skills, Interview Breeze is made for you. We have worked hard to focus on questions that allow you to quickly grok the skill sets you need to answer software engineering interview questions.

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