The largest collection of text emoticons on the Internet! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

Kaomoji are a type of emoticon that originated in Japan.
Standard Western emoticons use Roman characters to make simple emoticons like :)
Kaomoji on the other hand use a huge variety of characters form a huge variety of languages.
The results are very elaborate looking emoticons such as ʕ••̫ ͡ʕ**̫ ͡ʕ••͡ʔ--̫ ʕ͡ ••̫ ͡ʔ**̫ ͡ʔ--̫ ʔ͡
JapaneseEmoticons.me is the largest collection of these type of emoticons on the Internet
featuring over 10,000 of them conveniently sorted into categories.
Simply click on the emoticon you want and it’s automatically copied to your system’s keyboard
and can be pasted anywhere that supports unicode characters.
JapaneseEmoticons.me also features apps for iOS and Android to make it easy to use these
kinds of emoticons on your mobile device.
Express yourself with the most advanced emoticons on the Internet.

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