Find almost anyones work email address

Find almost anyone's work email address. All you need is a persons first name, last name and the website of the company where they work and over 90% of the time KontactMagic will be able to find their email.

LinkedIn is a great place to find names for use with KontactMagic (A LinkedIn company page will normally list employees that work for that company and have a link to the company website) and to do research on those you want to contact. Google and Facebook can also be helpful.

Recruiters would find KontactMagic highly useful for headhunting. B2B salespeople would find it useful for getting in touch with former and potential clients they have relationships with. It could also be used by everyone else to connect with former friends/colleagues.

Results are machine verified using our proprietary algorithm.

To try out KontactMagic, visit https://kontactmagic.com/display/app and sign up for the free plan, no credit card required.

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