Lionsharp Voiceboard

Lionsharp Voiceboard
Lionsharp Voiceboard

PowerPoint on steroids with interactive mobile and voice control and web based multimedia

Our company was founded in 2013, and apart from the exciting journey of having grown a company from Armenia, Bulgaria and now to the USA, Weโ€™re also making some crazy changes to our main product Voiceboard, we've made it more accessible than ever before. We believe Voiceboard is the future of presentations, and if you give it a try your next presentation can easily have anything the internet has to offer (twitter, blogs, your site, any app really) as well as interactive 3D models and maps.

Also we've added the freedom for you to choose to present with many types of different controllers:

- Your own mobile phone
- Traditional mouse and keyboard
- Classic clicker
- Futuristic gesture controllers such as the Nod Ring
- Many Bluetooth Microphones (for Voice Recognition)

Our vision is to reshape the experience of the presenter and the audience so that the presenter is remembered and the audience are truly engaged and left feeling amazed.

Check out our new website to download and use Voiceboard for your next presentation instantly

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