Record, Recall, Relive your best moments with your Friends

Retake control of your digital memory with Lumenaki.
We all would like to capture those moments of the day that make our life special and to be able to remember them later. And we try, using a variety of tools, mobile apps, social platforms. But all our content and data becomes quite instantly useless as we canโ€™t reconnect these scaterred slices of our lives together to recreate the whole moment, the complete journey. Lumenaki solves this and much more.

Lumenaki is your digital memory companion for the modern age. It helps you to retrieve, gather, organize, share privately or publish broadly all your digital content and data from one secured cloud platform, with a single mobile app.

Record, Recall, Relive with your friends:
- Capture everything you want to remember: your best moments, your favorite places, people you met, things you liked, thoughts you got.
- Enrich your records with notes, pictures, videos, quotes, list.
- Organize your records into thematic albums: your diary, friends private zone, fashion, holidays, travel, collections, deco & design, recipes...
- Recall everything thanks to Lumenaki unique and powerful search engine.
- Apply beautiful visual themes to your albums and sublime your content.
- Share privately or publish broadly online. You decide.
- Read your friends albums, follow their updates and comment their records.
- Freemium: no ads, no data sold. Pay for more storage space in our cloud and access to exclusive features.
- Secured: you are the unique owner of your data and content which are stored in our dedicated cloud.

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