Gadget - Revolutionising the LED light ritual at events.

Myflag is stand alone LED gadget for events. It's powerful yet compact 104 LED light display can be used to display flags, patterns and colours.

It's a simple idea of powering symbols, designed to be seen, with LEDs

Available now in European, World Cup 2018 and LGBT versions. You can personalise your Myflag when you order so it includes the flags important to you.

Show your colours, stand behind a movement, give your support and have freedom to change what you display with up to 50 flags on board and 10 block colours

Easy to use, rechargeable and splash proof. Myflag offers a number of features that put you in control of how you engage with your event.

Available now to buy from our website. £24.99 Shipping to the UK and EU.

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