Netqwerk helps you create meaningful connections that will boost your career growth. - Launching Fall 2015 - #NoSpitNetworking

Netqwerk is a one-stop solution to your networking needs. With our app you have the power to build real, meaningful connections and jump-start your career. There are four key features of our app, and together they help you simplify and streamline all your networking data into one platform for easy access.

• Map: This pulls all the contacts from your various social platforms and organizes them into a visual and interactive masterpiece. Combine people into groups, drag and drop contacts, meet new people and keep up with old acquaintances within our framework.
• Contacts: Track all of your interactions with an individual across all your social profiles, revolutionizing the way you communicate. Our scoring system helps you recognize key contacts in your industry to further your career.
• Goals and Alerts: Our notifications help you reach out to contacts whenever there’s a golden opportunity. Everything is automated to tell you when something important is happening in a contact’s life, so you can make your networking count.
• Tips: Networking is about reaching out, and our tips help you know who to contact, when it’d be most beneficial, and even gives suggestions on how to start the conversation to build key relationships.

With Netqwerk, you can easily grow your career from one platform. We automate all the information so you can simply focus on building relationships. With Netqwerk, your networking stays simple and stays organized, so you can stay on track for your career.

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