NinjaMentors is a one-to-one social networking and mentoring platform based on skills.

Good at something? Want to guide others who are trying to learn it? Especially in these times, maybe this is your way of helping the world. NinjaMentors helps you become a mentor and guide beginners on their journey. The gift of mentorship is free, but if you'd like to earn a token of appreciation from your mentees, you can opt-in for Paid Mentoring on NinjaMentors very soon!

Or maybe you are starting/want to learn something new and have questions.
Some problems with googling/online forums:
1. Solutions online can be out of date.
2. You can get too many conflicting results.
3. Solvers don't know what solutions you already have tried.
4. The problem description in your posted question can be unclear.
5. You have follow-up questions for the solution suggested.

NinjaMentors lets you connect with an expert and go into one-to-one discussion with them, which is a much more organic and natural way to solve a problem. You get the benefit of having constant access to an expert for future queries, and a long-term relationship with your mentor ensures that the solutions are tailor-made for you.

Location: Bangalore, India

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