Use Notion to store and manage your Intercom Help Centers, use Notate to sync them.

Notate was born out of a frustration that myself and others building our own products shared.

We wanted to use Intercom to share our help documentation, but we used Notion to document everything about what we were building, including our help docs! Copying across from Notion to Intercom was becoming more and more tedious, so I started looking for a better solution. I couldn't find one, and decided to build my own.

That's where Notate comes in. With Notate, you can continue working and collaborating on your documents with your team in Notion while also leveraging the brilliant Help Centers product offered by Intercom.

All that's needed is to connect Notion and Intercom to Notate, pick the page you use to store your help documentation, and from there Notate will sync your documents to Intercom.

If you already have an Intercom Help Center, Notate can export your Help Center to Notion, letting you get started straight away, without having to manually copy-paste your articles into Notion, or vice versa.

Some handy features:
1. Import your articles any time from the Notate app.

2. Automatically have your articles synced to Intercom periodically.

3. Pause Notate sync either in the Notate app or in Notion so you can draft your articles without fear of releasing unfinished work.

4. Connect multiple Intercom workspaces to your Notion workspace, allowing you to manage multiple help centers in one go.

This is just the start for Notate and there are lots of plans in the works for improvements over the coming months, so stay tuned!

Notate is in active development, so I'd love to hear your thoughts and get your feedback!

Location: Dublin, Ireland

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