Sell more to your existing customers with less difficulty.

Numerik helps you sell more to your existing customers, leading to deals that are profitable, easier-to-close, and beneficial for seller and buyer. By analyzing your current product offering and what your customers are already buying, Numerik helps you identify opportunities to provide products your customers need, but which they may not even be aware you sell. We call this approach "Customer Scorecard", and it leads to better relationships between you (the sales rep) and your customers. Hard selling becomes a thing of the past, as you focus on collaborative deals that give both parties what they want and need!

Numerik is currently under development, with trial access available to reps/managers from businesses that fit our target profile. If you sell multiple product lines to multiple customers (and preferably with a high volume of sales, as opposed to closing smaller numbers of big deals) then we want to hear from you.

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