Ohio Clean Cans

Ohio Clean Cans
Ohio Clean Cans

We clean, sanitize, and deodorize nasty garbage cans and recycling bins, so you don’t have to.

Ohio Clean Cans' specially designed high-tech curbside equipment cleans your garbage and recycling cans in minutes, leaving your bins sparkling and odor free.

Our innovative eco-friendly mobile cleaning unit eliminates the bacteria, germs, powerful odors, and filth that lives in garbage bins and recycle cans using 200-degree water and environmentally safe sanitizes on the inside and outside of your filthy garbage cans.

The self-contained unit keeps all of the dirty water, slime, bacteria, and trash in the truck instead of down your storm drains. We safely recycle the water at our facility, saving you from the hassle and mess of cleaning your dirty garbage cans yourselves.

Location: Cincinnati, United States

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