Magic button for optimizing all images on the site

OptiPic is a magic button for optimizing and compressing all images on the site.
The service supports all possible CMS, frameworks and engines, based on PHP (even self-made). Connecting OptiPic to the site is simple and unified for any CMS.

OptiPic includes an intelligent system that monitors the state of images on the site. If new images appear on the site - OptiPic automatically adds them to the queue for compression. If some images on the site change - OptiPic automatically adds them to the queue for re-compression.
It does not matter how the images were added or changed - via the administration panel, through import from third-party sources or directly via FTP/SSH. OptiPic will see any changes.

Optimized versions of images are saved on the original site. Image names and their URLs remain unchanged. And the same URL now returning already compressed images.

It is enough to connect OptiPic to the site once, to permanently solve the problem of slow loading of images.

Location: Moscow, Russia

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