Paybase is the payments platform that transforms your business, making payments part of your value proposition instead of a painful afterthought.

Paybase is an end-to-end payments platform that has achieved industry recognition from Wired and Real Business for revolutionising the world of finance. In an industry fraught with legacy technology and legacy thinking, businesses needing to facilitate payments between multiple parties often have to work around payments, restricting their ability to build innovative, user-friendly products.

Paybase changes this, offering businesses a truly flexible payment system that suits their needs and matches payment experience to user experience. This makes Paybase perfect for marketplaces, gig/sharing economy platforms and products with complex payment requirements. If your business is a marketplace, for example, you need to route payments from your buyers to your sellers. Using the Paybase Platform, these payments can be sent directly from a buyer’s account to a seller’s account, with you as the marketplace automatically taking any percentage you wish.

Paybase allows businesses to focus on their product as payments, compliance and risk are all covered under one unified API. No multiple integrations, no interruptions - payment processes are seamless and speed to market is unrivalled.

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