Better games through better resources.

We believe that better games come through better learning and resources. While the game industry is growing explosively, resources for game developers lag far behind other creative and tech based industries. There's never been a better time to make games, but it's never been harder to break in and be successful.

PlayWell fixes this with two core focuses. Our courses—both accommodating to new game makers looking for a way in, as well as seasoned creators looking for supplemental learning—are the basis of what we do. The other half of our focus is to provide the best support network available to independent game makers. To us, that means tons of events, frequent collaboration, and regular access to industry icons and mentors who can guide new developers.

We're part of Google's 30Weeks class of startups, and with that comes a strong support network that can make a huge difference in improving opportunties for the independent games community.

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