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What is Presevent?
Presevent is a new iOS app that tracks Election 2016 speeches, forums, and fundraisers to alert users about opportunities to see presidential candidates in-person. Presevent encourages political engagement and enables greater transparency in the American electoral process.

How does Presevent work?
Users of Presevent are shown the geographically closest upcoming events, so that users know when presidential candidates will be in their area. Presevent also lists the events' RSVP availability and cost of attendance. Users can add events directly to their iOS calendar, to remind them to attend the events they find most compelling.

How does Presevent change American politics?
With Presevent, users will have access to the information they need to hear the messages of Democratic and Republican presidential candidates across the United States.

Many presidential candidates purposefully limit the availability of information about their events to guarantee an audience of supporters, not curious voters. Additionally, media coverage of upcoming events often gives less precedence to candidates who lack large war chests, establishment endorsements, and other resources, which further compounds those candidates' disadvantages.

Presevent levels the playing field. By displaying event information for every candidate without bias, Presevent enables greater political engagement from everyday Americans and grows political transparency in the 2016 Election.

Who is on the Presevent team?
Lea Marolt Sonnenschein
Co-Founder and CEO
[email protected]

Joe Wlos
Co-Founder & COO
[email protected]

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