Design, create and run integration flows faster and easier with Reedelk data integration platform and the IntelliJ IDEA flow designer plugin.

Reedelk Data Integration Platform is a lightweight container which executes integration flows packaged in deployable modules. An integration flow is a sequence of components which all together carry out a predefined task: e.g creating an XML document containing all orders for a given customer or exposing a REST API returning an aggregated JSON response from several different HTTP services.

The modules deployed on Reedelk Data Integration Platform can be managed from an Administration console. It provides for each installed module info about their deployment state, integration flows packaged in the module and errors information. The Administration console can be used to manage the lifecycle of modules as well including installation, update and removal of modules.

The Reedelk IntelliJ flow designer plugin allows developers to quickly design, create and deploy integration flows from IntelliJ IDE with an easy to use visual flow designer. The IntelliJ plugin has been designed to significantly decrease the time needed to develop, test and validate changes in the flows by providing hot-swap capabilities and component aware suggestions. The plugin provides also a set of features to easily develop custom Reedelk components to be used inside integration flows.

Reedelk Data Integration Platform has been specifically designed to run on the cloud and it can be deployed on all major cloud providers, depending on the project requirements. It is lightweight, memory efficient and its bootstrap time is just a few seconds even on cloud instances with smaller CPUs and memory requirements.

Reedelk supports Open API initiative. Open API definitions are automatically generated and published for all REST based integration flows. The Open API definition can be customized with user defined metadata including JSON/XML schemas for HTTP responses, path parameters, query parameters and headers.

Location: Helsinki, Finland

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