Prank your friends with naughty packages shipped to them

Our business is pretty simple: for $12 we'll ship a very embarrassing package to your friend's door.

The package is actually a fake Sexy toy box, perfect to get revenge on "that one friend" that still need to pay you back for the last 3 restaurants.
You can track the package and make sure to stay around when seeing your friend's face during this so awaited awkward moment with the postman! PRICELESS!

What's inside the box? Nothing except a hilarious message telling your friend that he/ she has been pranked and a personal note you can add. You can also add a video message that we'll be linked a unique URL.

The customer is anyone tired of "that one friend" we all have and want to give that friend a little correction or simply someone with a questionable sense of humor, like ourselves.

Images speak better than words, here is what you have to know about SexyPranky:

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