All your social profiles reachable with only one click! Perfect for Instagram - with only one clickable link

If you're like us, you probably have an account for every major social channel out there. But with Instagram and Twitter, you only get to display one URL on your profile page. Not to mention, recently Instagram has even started to block Snapchat-Add and Telegram URLs...
So how to share all your social profiles with your audience - without the major hassle?

Enter Shortcutz - one social account to rule them all! With Shortcutz you can neatly display all your social profiles, such as Snapchat, Linkedin, SoundCloud and many more, on one single page.
Plus, YouTube and Vimeo users get to feature their video of choice right at the top of their links page.

We're constantly working on adding more social channels and new features. For example, we plan to add a search functionality soon, which will allow people to find you via any name or pseudonym that you use on the net (if you want)!
Ultimately our goal is to make the social web simpler for everybody to use, and we're convinced that many, many people would benefit by using Shortcutz. And since it's totally free, there's no reason not to:)!
So please tell your friends about it and help it grow!

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