Sift Wallet

Sift Wallet
Sift Wallet

Get Automatic Rebates When Prices Drop

Sift unlocks hidden credit card benefits, like price protection and flight delay, that can save you hundreds of dollars every year.

Most Americans, who average between two and four credit cards, are aware of their common benefits such as points, merchandise rewards, and travel. But credit card perks are like an iceberg – some of the most valuable benefits are underneath the surface, hidden behind jargon and fine print or are hard to take advantage of. We couldn’t believe that so much money was being left on the table when it belonged in the pockets of consumers!

With Sift we set out to turn this upside down and build an experience to bring these benefits to the forefront.

Is there a time in the next few days that we can discuss Sift and its ability to get back users 5-10% on all of their purchases!

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