Simply Amevie

Simply Amevie
Simply Amevie

We make the best sunglasses and sunscreens for the entire family.

Simply Amevie is a lifestyle brand that offers a new line of products that combine function (sun protection) and fashion.


Sunglasses: Simply Amevie is launching a new line of unisex sunglasses that are natural and eco friendly - made from rapidly regenerating bamboo, with the best in class polarized lenses that offer 100% UVA/UVB protection.

Sunscreens: The Amevie sunscreens are the safest products on the market, that use natural ingredients and minerals such as zinc dioxide to offer maximum protection. Some of our lotions come pre-tinted so when applied they offer a natural tanned glow without the harmful side effects of sun tanning.

Clothing: Lastly, the Simply Amevie team is developing a new category of fashion goods from tops to bottoms that are UVA/UVB blocking, lightweight and breathable. A new and developing segment, this is most exciting for the R&D team at Simply Amevie.

Simply Amevie donates 10% of all profits towards charitable organizations in support of skin cancer and lupus research.

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