smart fenestra

smart fenestra
smart fenestra

fenestra - the first and only smart window

Our product is called fenestra (Latin for window), it's the world's first and only smart window. fenestra motorizes your sliding windows and allows them to open and close automatically based on the desired temperature, the weather forecast, or a schedule which you set on your phone.

-It improves people's health - By automatically opening and closing the windows in your home at precisely the right time, fresh air from the outdoors can circulate seamlessly through your home, flushing out dirty and stuffy air in the process. FACT- Air inside your home is dirty, in fact, it's 10x as dirty as the air outside.
-It saves people money - The increased airflow caused by opening windows allows people to decrease the use of their A/C which helps lower their energy bills. FACT - People spend a lot of money cooling their home and selectively opening your windows instead of using your air-conditioner can lower your bills on average 10% to 30%.

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