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Stork delivers fresh undershirts to working professionals every few months.

Starting with the facts:

2/3 men wear undershirts 5-7 days per week, and 4/5 men said that they don't buy new undershirts as often as they should. Instead of allowing men to continue slumming it with yellowish worn-out undershirts, Stork's undershirt subscription delivers fresh shirts every few months.

Continuing with the fit:

We also worked tirelessly with our supplier and professionals in the fashion industry to take everything we knew about undershirts (the material, fit, look etc.) and make them better. We made our friends wear our samples, wash them, and give us feedback until we got it right. After many measurements, alterations, and constructive criticism, we feel that we built the best-fitting undershirt on the market.

Stork Recycles:

Once per year, Stork will recycle your used undershirts for free. We partnered with Trans-America Trading Co., one of the nation's largest textile recyclers to make this happen. We're really excited about this part of our business, and are hoping that all of our customers will work with us to make it happen!

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