We help good companies do great things by connecting them to the help they need.

Stubii connects your business with high-performing students (from MBA and graduate programs) and talented professional consultants eager to take on your business project. Our community of consultants is diverse, flexible, and ready to execute.

We believe accessing great talent to make your business a success shouldn’t just be the luxury of large well-funded companies. Stubii lets you tap into our regional and national community of Pro’s (highly skilled, experienced consultants) that can provide the insight and on-the-ground support you need to build your business. They are committed to delivering projects that can be measured for their impact rather than their hours. Hand-pick them for projects you want, in the area you need.

We are committed to helping small-businesses and startups succeed by creating new opportunities, growing revenue and cutting costs. Right project. Right cost. Right Person. Right Impact.

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