Online education platform using AI to revolutionise learning

Synap is an online education platform that uses scientifically proven techniques, and research into how memory works to enhance the way students and professionals learn.

Coming soon to Web, Android and iOS, Synap lets you create your own Multiple Choice Quizzes (MCQs), practice them on the go, and share them with your friends and other members of the Synap community. This method is simple, intuitive yet incredibly effective. Creating quizzes encourages 'active learning' and engagement with your course materials which go far beyond traditional methods such as highlighting or re-reading the same passage, and help to identify gaps in your understanding early on.

Practicing tests at regular intervals, aided by our intelligent Spaced Repetition algorithms help to reinforce information and strengthen connections in your mind so that it is easily retrievable in your long term memory.

Sharing content gives you access to over 250,000 questions made by other users, and is a great way to introduce a social element into what was previously an isolated activity.

Synap helps students and professionals learn more in less time.

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