TailTalk by DogStar Life

TailTalk by DogStar Life
TailTalk by DogStar Life

Emotion sensing wearable for dogs

DogStar has created the first emotion tracker for dogs. Worn around the tail, DogStar is able to translate tail wags into actionable emotions, so that pet parents can make decisions to fundamentally improve the lives of their pets.

We love our dogs. We give them the best quality food, the most comfortable beds, and the fanciest toys. We exercise them as much as we can - because we want our dogs to be healthy and happy. They love us, too. They would do anything for us.

But do we really know how they feel? Are they happy at the day care? With the dog walker? With the fellow dogs? What makes the doggy stressed, and when is the best time to exercise? The truth is, we donโ€™t know!

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