Project Management & Automation Tool With an Integrated Appointment Scheduler

Taskeo strives to become a go-to tool for all those companies that grew tired of using several apps to manage their activities. Businesses of all kinds can easily adopt it, making Taskeo fully usable outside the mainly targeted industry which are law firms and agencies.

Taskeo aims to provide comprehensive software for businesses, law firms and agencies that need assistance in their business and practice management. The platform’s ultimate goal is to simplify the business management so your company can focus on what’s really important: taking care of your customers and growing your business.

This product supports you in your daily tasks and requires one account to access all the functionalities. Thanks to this, you need fewer tools to get more done.

At this point of development, Taskeo’s functions include project (case) and task management, appointment scheduling and advanced tracking and billing. The dev team plans further development with OCR technology as well as CRM and email marketing modules to create a go-to tool that remains simple and affordable (as in opposition to complex systems available on the market).

Location: Tallinn, Estonia

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