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Techsign DOC Agreement Cloud: Verifiable digital signature to sign paperless

Techsign DOC summary

Techsign DOC is a digital signing gateway for businesses of all sizes. The Agreement Cloud provides verifiable and legally binding digital signing options and a comprehensive tool set for document management proposing the values listed below:

1. Sign Paperless. Save time, effort, paper material, storage spendings and logistics.
2. Design sustainable and eco-friendly business cycles.
3. Improve digital service capability.
4. Take consent remotely and securely.
5. Verify digital signatures in case of fraud.
6. Ask for additional proofs (SMS OTP, selfie, list of signatures etc.) if needed.
7. Give data driven decisions to improve your business.
8. Use one product for many departments and use cases.
9. Easily integrate features on cloud, on API or on premise.
10. Easily control document workflows and post signature cases.

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

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