An elastic QA solution that feels in-house

Testlauncher is developing managed scalable QA solutions to help startups, growing companies, and enterprises access to a global community of real testers using real devices and with the help of our intelligent testing platform and matching algorithm, we can create dream test teams instantly.

Testlauncher is a full-service enterprise level web and mobile testing platform completely removing the need to hire in-house QA testers. We can push 500+ hours worth of manual testing per day. We better your website or app fast. We find bugs faster than any other solution. Build a better product while saving time and money.

Testlauncher's dream team of testers are located all over the world and live exactly where your users are using the devices your customers use. With hundreds of devices on the market, you may never know which devices are tuning out your users.

Unlike our competitors, we keep the QA process simple by managing the whole QA process to give you more time working on your core product. Stop ranking or choosing testers and let us manage the testers the whole way.

Successful testing means producing the right kinds of strategies and documents so everyone gets on the same page fast. We work with you to build solid test plans, test cases, testing scope and test strategies to execute on them.

Q: Why can't I cobble together a few freelance testers?
The answer is speed, quality and scale. What sets us apart is our ability to integrate into a company instantly and begin using their existing technologies, processes, tools and documentation strategies without the headaches associated when adding or extending a new QA department. We can build a dream team of testers faster than you can. Usually within a minute - we can put together a group of professional testers that we know can QA the devices and operating systems from specific to broad locations all over the world. Our testers are truly experts and qualified into our database of testers. It takes thousands of tester resumes, interviews and qualification tests to determine fit. We remove the whole process from the equation and give you a dream test team. We monitor the quality of the team weekly and improve the team as needed and create a large tester community and culture where the testers work together to build quality into your application.

The costs and time to properly manage and test a mobile app or web application are skyrocketing. Companies need to push product updates and changes faster, sometimes multiple times per day. Until now, in-house testers are overworked and stressed as they are not able to dedicated 500 hours of testing in one day before a launch on hundreds of devices. Our service can provide companies an affordable solution that is scalable and can be deployed easily without any effort at all. We managed everything from test cases to building and maintaining the dream test tests they now have 24/7 access too. Device coverage around the world is a snap. Now companies can access real users on real devices or devices not normally known (JiaYu S3 or Elephone P7000 or Zopo Zp920 or Meizu) without having to purchase the latest model each month.

Our customers are from both consumer and enterprise SaaS businesses. Industries tend to be in healthcare, gaming, travel, education, finance, productivity, retail/eCommerce and media.

We handle Feed.fm's QA needs fully (a 1.2M funded company) by allowing us to test their app quickly before their audience discovers issues.

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