Threatcare is a full service cybersecurity company that offers a breach and attack simulation platform called Violet, and subscription services that include penetration testing and incident response.

Threatcare's Violet platform is a breach and attack simulation (BAS) technology that enables companies to continuously validate that their security in place is working. Violet gives teams the ability to test if potential software buys actually do what they claim to, are being properly setup, and continuously working.

Most companies are unable to verify that their security controls are properly protecting them, enabling hackers to easily steal sensitive information without detection. Many major companies spend millions on cybersecurity yearly, yet are usually not fully protected -- even if they are complying with regulations.

Violet isn't just a virtual Purple Team (that combines cybersecurity Red Team and Blue Team actions), Violet also has machine learning and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) abilities which allows it to be more proficient over time.

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