TimelyPick - curated current popular content can be fun :)

TimelyPick displays in each topic, 20 curated current top shared posts from around the web.

While staying updated the visitors can also have fun: Each topic has 4 hour voting cycle. During these 4 hours the users suggest popular content from around the web, and then vote on 3 picks, which they think, will be the most voted ones by the other users. Only after voting for the third pick a voter can find out how close his votes are with the current results.

The final voting results, which were chosen by the wisdom of the crowd, will be displayed for the next 4 hours on the topic home page.

Here are some of the feedbacks that TimelyPick has received:
"Thanks! It seems a cool curated news site. Cheers!"
"These are just the tech articles I've been waiting for all these days."
"Interesting concept"
"Nice fashion grid!"
|This is great!"

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