TimeTracker App

TimeTracker App
TimeTracker App

TimeTracker App is simple and affordable time tracking tool for startups and small size businesses.

TimeTracker App is a simple and affordable time tracking tool for startups and small size businesses. It transforms your time into productivity and increases billable hours with automated time tracking tool.
An interesting fact of today’s world is that everyone is time-pressed! Not only because we lack patience, but live in the future and feel we are lagging. And the rapid technology advancements with their immense possibilities have added to this fire.

In our practical world, we all have 24 hours in a day but feel the job at hand needs more.

We solve this conundrum!

Our experience by always being forced to be on our toes and to hit the ground running by our clients have helped us transform the way we worked. And TimeTracker App is our way of giving it back to the world and our fellow world workers.

By modernizing our task and time management with the TimeTracker App, the most important gain was – Absolute control of our day! We were no longer a football rather a basketball shooter deciding when to point and shoot (tasks)!

Once we gained control of our days, we saw a steep rise in our billable hours (42%), rising productivity levels (28%), reducing stress levels(team members decide when, where and how long they want to work or take a vacation) and some rewarding growth in our profits. And the prize – Delightful Clients!

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