Discover the content that matters to you!

Tribaly is a content discovery platform that provides you with the content that you love and matters to you!

The internet is a noisy and ego-centric place full of clickbait and incessant advertising. There is no context or timing and the information is overwhelming We believe that discovering the right content that matches your criteria should not be that difficult, so that’s the reason we built Tribaly.

We make content discovery more efficient by providing a content discovery platform that uses machine learning to show you the most relevant content, and at the same time where you can interact with your community and share anything you like.

First, we collect information and show it to you in easy to digest cards. Secondly, we use an innovative forum platform to let you interact with your community and share these cards, so you get to discover content that you will never find otherwise.

Our Beta version includes content related to six different topics: Travel, Outdoors, Tech, Sustainable lifestyle, Health & Wellness & Automobile.

Location: London, United Kingdom

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