Trivago for Flights Really Exists!

If you type the search term “trivago flights” into a search engine, you’re going to get lots of results… but if you look closely, you’ll see that most of them have very little to do with trivago at all. Millions of travelers and people looking to go on vacation love trivago to search for the absolute lowest price on a hotel room wherever they want to go. The “meta-search” function of trivago solved a very real problem that people had when trying to find the best deal for a hotel room: you could go to 10 different discount sites, and get 10 different prices on the exact same hotel room. How can you possible know you’re getting the best deal? So naturally, people want the same sort of low price guarantee that trivago gives them on a hotel room on other parts of their travel plans: cheap flights, car rentals, etc. Unfortunately, the idea of trivago flights is a myth, at least for the foreseeable future… Sure?

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