uKit AI

uKit AI
uKit AI

AI-based robot that turns your old website into a fresh, responsive and ready-to-use version in 10 minutes

40% of SMB's have websites. Built years ago, these pages are often mobile-unfriendly, unattractive, have technical issues, and as a consequence — ineffective for business. 50% of business website owners name the lack of time, knowledge and money as the key factors that prevent them from working on their official pages.

So we build uKit AI for them. Our online service based on neural networks reads the website’s frontend code as a developer and looks at it as a visitor analyzing its content. Just give uKit AI a link and it will put your site on responsive layout, fix typical technical issues, organize your content in a way that is better for SEO and conversion and improve the colour scheme. You'll see an upgraded version (based on the uKit online CMS) in 10 minutes. Then, you can publish the website at your custom domain or play around with its look in the WYSIWYG mode.

Website owners may use uKit AI for free website upgrade to the latest trends. Studios and freelancers may use uKit AI as a tool for faster prototyping and visualization for their clients.

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