Have you ever known someone that had a missing person or child in his or her life?

The focus of this company is on those that are missing or wanted in people’s lives.
- The company is using an unconventional and proprietary marketing method that opens the emotional door.
- It's a combination of analytics, SEO, Keyword and Social Media. Then an actual emotional search pattern is developed or created and we’re the only ones that have it.
- Then tagged on actual emotional search pattern is developed.
- Other packages will be offered that include DNA, Facial Recognition, Aging,
- This allows it to capitalize on the characteristics of emotional search patterns.
- Remember 90% of decisions we make use the emotional part of our brain
*Revenue is obtained from Sponsor and each selection is $2,500 per missing person per year
*Production and service cost equal 25%, give us a margin of 70*-75%

Location: Cincinnati, United States

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