Connect with new people by choosing an icebreaker question, and hearing spontaneous replies

Awkward silences don’t exist in the wonderful world of VoiceCandy. We’re here to help you make a grand entrance and find likeminded people that are nearby to you.

Need a question answered? Get a new perspective from people you have something in common with and start something worth talking about. It is amazing how much you feel you know someone by hearing their voice. You’ll get a good sense of who you’re dealing with by hearing short voice messages that are left for you, so only people with a voice and an opinion need apply.

Be part of the new craze where people reply spontaneously to any question you feel like asking.

Simply pick a question or create one of your own and sit back whilst people nearby send you short voice answers. Like what you hear? Then start a conversation!

We have lots of tips but if you’re feeling talkative, browse people nearby and be creative when recording short answers to their questions because it may turn out to be love at first... voice...

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