YO Sperm Test

YO Sperm Test
YO Sperm Test

Check your sperm privately, at home, using your smartphone

YO Sperm Test is an FDA-cleared smartphone-based solution for testing your motile sperm with >97% accuracy.

The YO HOME SPERM test (AKA: YO) is developed by the same team at Medical Electronic Systems that produces the automated line of Sperm Quality Analyzers (SQA’s) used in hospital labs, universities and IVF centers globally. With more than 20 years of expertise developing automated sperm analyzers, MES successfully faced the challenge of merging company know-how with Smartphone technology to produce YO, the first Smartphone-based, FDA-cleared home sperm test that allows you to test motile sperm concentration (the number of moving sperm) on your phone, view and store a live video of your sperm and receive an automatic test result in less than three minutes.

YO was four years in development and extensively tested. YO’s consistent performance of >97% accuracy ensures a reliable and dependable test result. Two tests per kit provides you with a cost-effective opportunity to re-test your motile sperm count a second time to confirm your results.

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