Yuu is where traditional storytelling meets sexual wellbeing.

Yuu is where traditional storytelling meets sexual wellbeing.

Yuu platform was created thinking about women and couples. We aim to bring people a healthier alternative to visual erotica and story apps like Radish. Audio sex covers straight and queer storylines in various themes.

We care about your sexual wellness, therefore we’re here for Yuu. Stories can be influential, especially sexual ones. You might have heard of Literotica, but this is much better. Use your own imagination to fill the blanks in your own way.

Yuu was created for Women and Couples and is also LBGTQ friendly. More than 80% of listeners say that Yuu had a positive effect on their sexual wellness. The best part is that the stories leave you hands-free! Just press play, get comfortable and enjoy.

What is Yuu great for:

* Build better evening habits
* Discover stories of your taste
* Stroke your imagination
* Keeping up to date about newly released stories
* Reconnecting with your body

We at Yuu are working hard to bring you new stories weekly. Join now and improve your sexual wellness today!

Yuu is free to download and use. We’re always looking for ways to bring more quality content to our users.

Location: London, United Kingdom

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