Virtual dietitian for managing your chronic conditions

Zemely is a platform that provides research-based, personalized diet recommendations to help users manage their chronic conditions.

Who is it for - Anyone who wants to manage their diabetes, pre-diabetes, high cholesterol and/or hypertension

How does it work -
1. Enter your chronic conditions and measurements.
2. Set your nutrition goals.
3. Analyze any food to see if it meets your nutritional needs.

Why Zemely -
1. Cost-effective - have your own virtual dietitian available at all times at a fraction of the cost.
2. Accessible - our mobile friendly interface helps you access information when you need it, wherever you need it.
3. Multipurpose - choose from all kinds of food products - grocery items, online recipes and your personal favorites. Analyze them to see if they meet your unique needs.
4. Backed by science - our algorithms are based on rigorous research from institutions like American Heart association, American Diabetes Association and USDA.

Location: San Francisco, USA

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