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The social content pipeline for storytellers

m with a track-record of secretly creating billion-dollar software products and the modern highlights of tech for Amazon, Intel, Serverless, and more. The current state of social networking is a tangle of toxicity and noise. We make intelligent, easy-to-use tools to cut out the cruft, for those who approach social as marketers....


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A grid library for instant big data processing.

of big data volumes that can be a part of any web app. Filtering, sorting, scrolling along with any other data manipulations are entirely smooth and intuitive, with immediate results and no delays at all. You are purely focusing on the essence of your data, having no distractions. All your data is right in front of you, ready to be discovered, with immediate access to every record....


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TreXperience is an adventure travel company that offers guided tours and treks through some of the most stunning scenery in Peru.

offers treks and tours in some of Peru’s most beautiful and remote locations. We believe that getting out into nature and pushing yourself physically and mentally is the best way to create lasting memories and develop a genuine appreciation for our planet. Our knowledgeable guides will take you off the beaten path, showing you the hidden gems that most tourists never get to see. We offer various trekking and tour packages to suit all fitness levels and interests, so whether you’re looking for a leisurely hike or a multi-day expedition, we have something for you. Get in touch with us today to start planning your TreXperience!...


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RocketHub is the new source for high quality lifetime software deals for business owners and marketers.

fordable. At RocketHub, you’ll get exclusive lifetime deals from top software companies and save up to 95%! How does RocketHub work? 1) Our team finds and partners with promising early stage SaaS companies. We’re extremely picky about quality and therefore only run 1 - 3 new deals per month. 2) We negotiate a no-brainer, exclusive lifetime deal at an insanely low price. However, each deal is always limited in supply and ends quickly. 3) You save thousands of dollars while adding to your toolbox and supporting entrepreneurs on their journey. Subscribe today to avoid missing the next exclusive lifetime deal....

Imitate Email
Imitate Email

Go to Imitate Email

Imitate Email

Easy email testing for developers and users

sandbox SMTP server and embedded web viewer to ensure emails are sent at the right time, look great and do this inside the software you're building....

Startup Science
Startup Science

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Startup Science

Giving founders an unfair advantage

t a time. Why? Because wealth inequality is directly tied to entrepreneurship. 95% of people who get out of check-to-check living do so by selling a business. It started with researching why, how, and when startups fail. We did 1,200 interviews and spent months reading the research to understand the 90% failure rate. We learned that founders keep making the same mistakes and these mistakes can be avoided. And the problems that lead to these mistakes center around people, knowledge, and financial resources. Accelerators are designed to help startups solve these problems. But only 2% of startups who apply, are accepted into accelerators. 60% of rejected founders “failed to complete the application due to lack of knowledge.” And 70% of those startups who are accepted, came through a referral. So if you don’t know the language or are not connected into the ecosystem already your chances are slim....

Startup Studio Playbook
Startup Studio Playbook

Go to Startup Studio Playbook

Startup Studio Playbook

Your go-to guide to understand the venture studio approach and how you can use it to turn ideas into thriving ventures.

written on venture studios. With in-depth case studies and a comprehensive framework to build your own studio. ...


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Capture how-to videos instantly

om our browser extension and go through your workflow - click stop when you’re done. We’ll take it from here. We make it Beautiful Make it on brand and on-point each time. Edit steps in your process, blur sensitive information, add text, annotations, and custom branding. No design degree required. You share it anywhere Share your Guidde with one click to any channel. Share internally or externally, and control who you want to have access. Create an instant article with direct HTML copy. ...

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