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Membership Management for Notion

t to your own custom domain. Control access to your Notion site with Password Protection, Email Signup, Email Whitelist, or Paid Membership. Loads of customization options....


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Pixigon: Elevate your business with custom, AI-powered animated marketing videos—fast, affordable, and ideal for small business marketing.

ll businesses, designed to simplify the process of creating animated marketing videos. It's particularly suitable for businesses with tight budgets and schedules, offering a user-friendly interface that requires no prior video editing experience. The service starts with an interactive guide directly from the landing page, which helps in creating a video in minutes. Users can see a preliminary preview of their video early in the process, allowing for quick adjustments and a sense of the video’s direction. The platform emphasizes customization, enabling users to easily add, delete, or rearrange scenes or any content to align the video with their brand identity. Pixigon offers extensive tweaking options, including adjustments in colors, visuals, and voice-overs, ensuring that each video is unique and personalized. After finalizing the video, it can be downloaded in high definition and is ready for sharing on platforms like websites and YouTube, making it a valuable tool for enhancing online presence....


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Simple headless cms for product docs

AI self-service platform to helps you build, share and manage knowledge bases, product documentation, api docs, user manuals and SOPs. Transform your knowledge base into context aware interactive website widgets with product tours and interactive AI chatbots....

PHP Secure
PHP Secure

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PHP Secure

Free vulnerability scanner to secure your PHP code

for securing your code: PHP Secure. Every second, a website around the world is hacked. Over 60% of websites are vulnerable to SQL injection. Leakage of personal data, theft of money and even the site destruction - this is what SQL vulnerabilities of your sites and scripts can result in. PHP Secure is a FREE code scanner that analyzes your pre-deployment PHP code for vulnerabilities. If PHP Secure detects an exploit—SQL injection, XSS, RCE, Shell injection or other vulnerability—it will immediately alert you to the threat. With PHP Secure, you’ll stop paying an arm and a leg for expensive code security specialists, and you’ll sleep better knowing that your site and data are safe. The technology behind PHP Secure is improving every day. Our technology is built on a comprehensive database of security vulnerabilities. If you’re worried about the security of your code or data, it’s time to get PHP Secure—the market’s best code security solution....

Rivalflow AI
Rivalflow AI

Go to Rivalflow AI

Rivalflow AI

RivalFlowAI compares their page to yours and shows you the gaps, then it gives you ready-to-paste copy to fill the gaps and jump up the ranks.

AI. It works by examining your own websites ranks on keywords, comparing it to selected and successful content competitors within your space, identifies the questions they answer that you do not, and uses the AI to generate answers to those questions you can use to improve your content. ...


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Loopcv automates the job application process and helps you find a job super fast.

h and apply for jobs. The solution helps individual job seekers as well as organizations that support job seekers when trying to find a job. Upload your CV, select your job search criteria, and start applying to jobs online!...

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GETTRX powered by Global Electronic Technology, Inc. is a premier financial technology platform provider.

One Submit

Connecting Artists with Music Curators and Influencers.


Overflow is the world’s first user flow diagramming tool tailored for designers. It empowers designers to design, present and share beautiful user flow diagrams that tell a story.


Map your travels and receive recommendations for new places to visit!

Ace Apps

Fun & Effective Educational Apps for K-12

THINK thenlive

Explore the world on location-based social media


BriskBard : 10 apps in one made by a single developer

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