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Go to pipl.ai


Cold email automation for startups without breaking the bank.

outreach. Personalize your emails with GIFs & video, run AI-automated email campaigns, and ensure 100% deliverability. All with one tool....


Go to Mix.audio


Compose, Everythink! Multi-modal AI Background music generator

': The future of music creation is here! Neutune introduces 'Mix.audio,' a state-of-the-art multi-modal AI music generator, offering a unique blend of creativity and technology. This innovative platform allows content creators to generate distinct, copyright-free background music effortlessly. Just input text, images, or audio, and in mere 3 seconds, witness AI transform these elements into a personalized music track. Enhance your creative process with the freedom to customize every detail, from track length to instrument selection, ensuring each piece perfectly aligns with your vision. Ideal for YouTubers, podcasters, and digital artists, 'Mix.audio' simplifies music creation while delivering professional-grade quality. Currently in its beta phase, 'Mix.audio' is free, inviting creators to explore and shape the future of AI-driven music production. Founded by Jongpil Lee, a leader in AI music technology, Neutune is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of music creation. Experience the revolution in sound with 'Mix.audio' – where innovation meets artistry....


Go to uBrand


AI Brand-building Platform

ng platform that will help you create the perfect brand and launch it in no time! With our user-friendly interface, you can start with a logo and walk out with a stunning and captivating brand that will resonate with your customers. Our platform allows you to automate the formation of your brand identity, generate on-brand content for social media, and manage everything in one place with ease. Whether you already have a logo or need to create one, our AI Logo Maker will assist you in bringing your brand vision to life. With the help of our advanced technology, your brand story will be translated into a compelling narrative that will attract and engage your target audience. Our platform also allows you to generate your brand kit and matching social media content at the click of a button. All of your logo files and design templates will be stored in your brand asset library for easy access and auto-synced to ensure brand consistency. Get started with uBrand today and take your brand to the next level with confidence!...


Go to Wandrr


Discover Your Next Adventure

r 2023 with the aim of revolutionizing the travel industry by eliminating all the hassles associated with trip planning and booking. As an AI-based startup, we empowered our users to create and customize their itineraries with ease. Our users could save their itineraries for future reference, download them to Excel, and share them with their travel buddies via popular platforms like WhatsApp and x.com. We take pride in our intuitive itinerary creation feature that transforms the daunting task of planning a holiday into a fun-filled experience. With Wandrr, collaboration with your travel companions becomes effortless. Share your itinerary with them and plan your dream vacation together. Our simplified booking process ensures that you have access to all your trip needs, from accommodations to activities, at your fingertips. Trust us to cover all your travel essentials....

Formulas HQ
Formulas HQ

Go to Formulas HQ

Formulas HQ

Never Stumble with an Excel Formula Again

f AI to turbocharge your Spreadsheet mastery. Say goodbye to the days of grappling with complex formulas, VBA code, and scripts. We’re here to make your work smarter, not harder....


Go to Docsie


Simple headless cms for product docs

AI self-service platform to helps you build, share and manage knowledge bases, product documentation, api docs, user manuals and SOPs. Transform your knowledge base into context aware interactive website widgets with product tours and interactive AI chatbots....

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