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Everything you need to start your company, issue equity & raise funds

, issue equity, raise funds from investors, manage their cap tables & keep their companies compliant. We charge early stage startups $999 / year for our software. ...

Curva Pen
Curva Pen

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Curva Pen

A patented, elegant new way of writing that fixes a wide range of challenges for both right and left-handed people.

ct? The inspiration behind creating Curva Pen was to bring forth a writing instrument that offered more versatility than the standard straight point pen. Clarence Parker wants everyone to be inspired to write and draw at their best, and have a fun experience doing it. Why does this need to exist in the world? Curva Pen needs to exist in the world because it’s been over 100 years since the first felt-tip pen was patented in 1910. Nothing much has changed since then, until now. Curva Pen is a patented, elegant new way of writing that fixes a wide range of challenges for both right and left-handed people. From Messy handwriting due to grip, posture and coordination, to lefty’s trying to find a comfortable way to contort their hand to write neatly and without smearing the ink? There has been a sort of ‘one size fits all’ approach when it comes to writing instruments. Not everyone can write comfortably when limited to the single straight point of standard pens. Why is this better than any other solutions on the market? The Curva Pen is better than any other pen because the patented NIB grants the user greater control, flexibility, comfort and visibility to write or draw in a way that is best for them. Just imagine using a pen that feels as if it were made just for you. Things have finally evolved with the introduction of Curva Pen, a new patented writing instrument featuring an elegant enhancement that offers so many benefits. About Us CurvaPen, Inc. is a premier writing instrument brand who has single handedly reinvented the way the world writes. With the invention of their next generation patented NIB, CurvaPen Inc. is slated to revolutionize the global writing instrument industry. The first of its kind Curva Pen has an elongated curved tip that allows for visibility, comfort and flow like no (standard) pen has before. Founded in 2019 and launched in 2022, Curva Pen is truly the new way of writing. ...


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Find the Best Crypto Rates

of cryptocurrency through the aggregation of offers from various sources, so that you're getting the chance for the best rates from the best exchanges....


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Find decision-makers from VC-funded Startups in 3-clicks

nue and $0 Funding? We built Prelo, to help you find key decision makers from revenue generating, VC-funded tech companies in 3-clicks. We've combined job insights with funding data to bring you an affordable sales intelligence platform guaranteed to grow revenue Prelo is used by solopreneurs and business development reps to generate sales and build partnerships If you're running a small business then Prelo is perfect for building your sales pipeline. ...


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The new space for asking and answering questions anonymously

nges is strongly influenced by the personas and façades people maintain/upkeep/safeguard socially, ideologically, and in relationships. Throw is an app for asking and answering questions anonymously. Throw addresses this by creating a space free from this social agenda. Thus focusing strictly on the content exchanged and providing a safe, comfortable and unbiased space where people can ask and answer anything freely with no bias, fears, or strings attached. Throw may be used for serious matters and also just for fun… Our motto is "Be curious & dare to know!" Don't miss our fun explainer video! We'd love to hear any kind of feedback and questions about our product! We're also looking for early adopters so if you’re interested don’t forget to sign-up!...

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